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Love My Love Lyrics

by Even Tides


Love My Love Song Lyrics

Love My Love by Even Tides

Do you ever think about me?
Do you ever want to hold me?
Do you ever think I’ll find my way to you?
Well, when I dream you’re always with me.
You’re never gonna end up empty.
And I, always think about the time that I could say.
Love my love. Fly across the sea.
Just you and me together.
Love my love. Come with me to dance.
Hold my hand forever.
I see you walking with your friends now.
I’m so nervous as I step out.
I can’t let this moment simply slip away.
So I, start to focus on my breathing.
Remember all the times of dreaming.
And I, hope you feel the same way as I start to say.
Now we’re left standing and I can’t breathe now.
You softly open your eyes.
And in that moment of awkward silence.
You catch me by surprise.
As you say.

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