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by Estrela


Closure Song Lyrics

Closure by Estrela

I'll sew my eyes shut so i can never look...back on yesterday. These nights i drive under a rusted moon, will be a memory i'll shatter. Against a wall of fallen hope, that you consume to stay alive. And then i close my eyes, the colors flash across my face and soon i'll be there...i'm starving for the breath of tomorrow. And then it all screams, burn this town...and turn my back from the ashes. And so my eyes shut, so i can never look back on yesterday. And i won't miss the way you nailed me to your streets and left me bleeding. And when you wake there'll be nothing left of me...just a shadow burned into your streets. Run away, far far away boy, run away from here that's what she said to me. Your dreamlike skies won't fool me anymore. You're dreamlike, you're dreamlike...and i'm....never looking back. I'll run away, far away from here...and i'm never looking back, never looking back.

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