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Watch Out!

by E.S.G. & Slim Thug


Watch Out! Song Lyrics

Watch Out! by E.S.G. & Slim Thug

(feat. H.A.W.K.)

Watch out Boss Hogg is coming through
We holding it down (hold it down baby)
And everybody that's running they mouth
We gon shut y'all down, shut y'all down
All my thugs and my g's who paid they dues
This year we gon shine
And everybody that's on the grind
Keep money on your mind, on your mind

I shut em down, cut em down, quick to throw my weight around
To yellow bone or sugar brown, Boss Hogg we holding on
We getting our glow on, and so on and so on
If niggas talking down, that's something you can blow on
And this song's to let you know, be real about your do'
Keep your mind on pay roll, and I guarantee you'll get mo'
Watch how quick you be rich, I strongly suggest
Get your paper and invest, and don't settle for second best

Southside official, Screwed Up Click original
You went down to 99, you not a percent artificial
Playa hating me detrimental, better watch what you say
This dream team bout green, BB King on my two way
Telling me, E.S.G. let me do a story on your life
To show the world how u emerge, to splurge your ice
Slim and H.A.W.K. on the right, with Key and Mike we assassin
Fat checks we cash em, shut em down to mash em, huh

[Slim Thug]
Watch out, here come them hogs, in them big L dogs
You wanna see somebody ball, follow us to the mall
I need my money tall, when I talk I walk
It's Slim Thug, E.S.G., and my dog Big H.A.W.K.
Living laid in the shade, all dues been paid
To tell the truth we got it made, something hatas can't fade
Riding thick like a parade, shutting all blocks down
Bout to show the whole world, how that H-Town clown

Make way, for the H-A-W-K
You can bet your last dolla, I got something to say
I'm not caring like Donna, with mo' hits than Madonna
I got niggas out here, trying peep my persona
Ask your baby mama, bout Slim and E
She got f**ked by them, then got f**ked by me
This the big three, G-R-I-N-D
I-N-G, all about the currency, what


B's for Boss Ballas, best believe we bout bread
O's for off the chain, when we swang we turn heads
The double S is for the Southside, on my SS Impala
Ah f**k it, this year it's staying stacking dollas
Saranada enemies, g's in my facinity
The H is for you hoes, with homosexual tendencies
The O's for ounce of do-do, and optimo nigga
The double G for ghetto gold, getting green and go-getter

[Slim Thug]
Some hard hitters bout our figgas, out that Texas nigga
We pull triggas on fake niggas, bullsh*ttas and quittas
We shut em down, top bound, turning smiles to frowns
Going round for round, from each town to town
The new pitcher on the mound, is the Mr. Slim Thug
The young boss out the North, that sell like drugs
Show me love, cause this year Boss Hogg gon shine
We on a million dolla grind in our times, watch out

[Chorus x2]

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