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by E.S.G. & Slim Thug


Gangstafied Song Text

Gangstafied by E.S.G. & Slim Thug

(feat. Sir Daily & Doody)

[Hook x2]
We gangstafied, and live gangsta lives
Every day and night, hustle hard to shine
Though it's hard at times, we gon keep our head up
Boss Hogg Outlaws, till I'm dead or fed up

[Sir Daily]
Thugged out gangsta living, is the life for me
A Hogg nigga chasing cash, with a mission to see
Keep a steal on my hip, 'case a hater invade
I live my life in a rush, in all means to get paid
So I pray to get saved, my gangsta ways got me sinning
For my paper ain't no limit, Boss Hogg till I'm finished
Numb your jaw like a dentist, cause the click don't play
We tote nine's and AK's, and stay ready to spray

About five years ago, smoking dro in my crib
Some bullsh*t jacker, found out where I lived
My girl Carmen in the next room, with a newborn kid
I chose the street life, sometimes that's how it is
But the Lord had a plan, grab the 4-5
The same do' he entered, that's where that nigga died
More money more problems, I done paid the price
And it's a god damn shame, I'm gangstafied for life ha

[Hook x2]
[Slim Thug]
We keep it gangstafied, when my gangstas ride
Boss Hogg Outlaws, throw it up with pride
We on the rise, so b**ch get the hate out your eyes
Start plex with my click, and get sent to the sky
Can't let the cash flow die, gotta hold on
Like the song, one day you here next day gone
Real G's stay strong, and survive
Long as I'm alive, I promise I'ma provide and keep it gangstafied

I roll deep for you old niggas, so listen up
The young Hogg is fed up, and I done had enough
The 4-5 is clutched, b**ch now what that do
Y'all can't understand, what a young man can go through
Imagine life through the rearview, y'all ain't ready
One minute sh*t's gravy, and the next turn deadly
I believe like R. Kelly, but I know I won't fly
Paranoid riding high, till it's my time to die ha

[Hook x2]

They say it's genocide, selling dope to survive
X-con need a job, on his application lies
Same day he got high, my nigga got fired
That's the cost of boss pay, being gangstafied

[Sir Daily]
From the bottom to the top, we guaranteed to reach
A bunch of thug crazed teens, packing clips of heat
We the click to see, and the cream of the crop
We Boss Hogg on the block, and stack knots till we drop

I roll wit the Boss b**ches, smack niggas that talk sh*t
Boss Hogg still a click, and we real as it get
Doody giving haters a fit, cause we run this rap sh*t
Bout it bout it out the bricks, so real niggas feel this

[Slim Thug]
Long as my blood flow, Slim Thug gon chase do'
Being po', is something I can't be no mo'
See this a click of real niggas, spitting game you bumping
We Boss Hogg Outlaws, that name means something

[Hook x2]

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