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Down Here

by E.S.G. & Slim Thug


Down Here Song Lyrics

Down Here by E.S.G. & Slim Thug

(feat. Lil' Keke)

I want y'all to bust some sh*t man
And tell these niggaz man, that y'all invented
That motherf**king for, every motherf**king body
And they mama, trying to bust man
(ha-ha, really though), you know I'm saying man
Niggaz out here man, steal y'all sh*t on chrome
Ass wanna be E.S.G., kinky ass niggaz man
Bring they hat to they motherf**king ass man
Let these hoes know how we do it down here

[Hook x2]
(down here), ha we like to roll on dubs
(down here), we keep a chicken head up in the club
(down here), my thugs they get nothing but love
(down here), we off the chain like you thought we was

[Slim Thug]
I'm from the city of sippers, wood grain wheel grippers
Kilo shippers, candy coat car flippers
We ride 4's and vogues, with a mouth full of golds
Country niggaz and hoes, down here is how we roll
When something's tight it's thoed, when we shine we hold
You got cash cars and clothes, you balling out of control
Switching lanes on swinging thangs, that's called swang and bang
The club packed from front to back, that club off the chain
You got candy rims and beat, then you got you a slab
You cooking chickens in the kitchen, boy you off in the lab
Boys that hustle they grind, and if your diamonds shine you blind
You making money looking good, then you showing your behind
You blow endo that's do-do, screwed up means slow mo
You ride big body Benz, you riding big body fo' do'
Fa sho though you know, how that Texas talk
I'm trying to stack my green, I mean fill up my vault

[Hook x2]
Down here playboy, the gumbo's hot and spicy
Twinkies twist and crawfish, my wrist all icy
Better watch your wifey, down here we off the hook
You was smart that, better back-back take a look
I'm from the city where crooks, wear Cardiers and Rolleys
In Texas we partnas, in Louisiana they whodies
But it's the same thing, on this side of the Mississippi
Two hundred dollas a bottle, ain't talking bout Crissy
Talking bout codeine, baby fill up my cup
2002 Escalade, Billy grill on my truck
Now hold up maan, top down in the Bentley
With a bad chick, in my tape Monica Lewinsky
Made a mill independent, can't touch me kids
Split your wig then hire Cochran, like Puffy did
(fiesta) fiesta, like my name R. Kelly
I'm the boss see the cross, hanging off of our bellys

[Hook x2]

[Lil' Keke]
I can tell that you boys, got the wrong idea
We some slab riding gangstas, get a car every year
(down here) we like to ball, play above the rim
E.S.G., the young Don and a thug named Slim
(down here), we tolerate no type of disrespect
Have a b**ch acting bad, on that do' and that X
(down here), we push 26 sitting low to the flo'
And double deuces on a truck, when I crawl by slow
(this year), I'm gonna switch it to the platinum frame
Do shows with plenty hoes, that be screaming my name
(down here), it ain't no telling when you talking bout us
Got rocks in both ears, cause that sh*t is a must
(down here), we break hearts and leave punks for dead
We don't claim the blue or red, cause our city is FED
(down here), I'm better known as Lil' Keke the Don
Getting rich and going hard, to get it all for my son

[Hook x2]

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