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Dirty South

by E.S.G. & Slim Thug


Dirty South Song Text

Dirty South by E.S.G. & Slim Thug

(feat. Carmen San Diego)

Huh hold up, 2000 and 2
You already know how we do
You know I'm saying, pull up in front of the club
banging looking good, hopping out and swanging on blue
Boss Hogg Outlaws, doing what they wanna do
Security talking bout, turn the music down
Man we walk up to the club, do what we wanna (huh)
Smelling like dro you already know
Slim Thug tell 'em how we do it

[Slim Thug]
We riding big body Benz, Gucci shade lens
Me and all my friends, got the platinum diamond grins
Every thing I'm in spin, on twenty inch Lorenz
Laid back on buck skin, with my braids in the wind
Not a twin, but me and Ray Face got twin Coupes
Me and my super thoed group, drop platinum hits like Snoop
I can't hoop, but people still call me a balla
And I can't shoot, but people still call me a shot caller
Standing taller than the rest, staying dressed to impress
Twenty karats on my chest, Gator boot, suits and vests
Don't mess with the best, cause we put boys to rest
Respect that Houston Tex, cause we break and stack checks
Dirty Third sip bar, endo in cigar
Menage tois in the spa, like a porno star
Me and E up to par, wherever we are
Flipping bar foreign cars, double R Jaguars

[Chorus: Carmen San Diego]
You don't wanna bang with us
Cause you know we dangerous
If you real, you can swing with us
Cause we are from that Dirty South
[Chorus: E.S.G. & Slim Thug]
When we hit the club, you know we thugged out
Twenty-fo' seven, them boys they iced out
First thing they say, who let them Hoggs out
They must be from the Dirty South

[Carmen San Diego]
Carmen San, and you got's to like me
Cause I'm pulling up fly, looking nice and icey
If a playa wanna hit, tell me what the price be
Six digits no less, baby don't strive me
Hopping me and my crew, roll up big body Benz
Chromed out twenties, big bubbled eyed blue lens
All my playas set trends, and spend big dividends
Southside showing up, blowing up bubbling
Club parking is packed, me and my click walking in
Diamonds shining, blinding and sparkling
Best believe we squash that chatter, they stopping and talking in
When the club let out, this Big Billy I'm hopping in


Big stack of paying dues, sitting fat on 22's
9-5 Air Macks, my platinum FUBU
Squatting in my drop, my Cardier watch
The mo' Lac I got, the harder they bop
Stash spot for glock, two tone Navigator hot
Boss Hogg calling shots, trying to block spray the block
Make 'em stop, three karat rock the ice thick
Baller blockers caught a flicks, I'ma pull up my convicts
This is it, everything I spit a hit
Got swanging and banging, popping trunks reclining kits
In the mix, in a 6 with a body full of gliss
Two punching keys chicks, Sade and G the sh*t
Twenties turn and twist, with each lane I switch
Mary Jane in my p**s, wood grain in my fist
Clarion screens lit, banging at a high fix
Banging R. Kelly screwed, I Wish, I Wish

[Chorus x2]

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