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Erreway - I Hate You Honey lyrics

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I Hate You Honey by Erreway

The moon was shinig
You looked at me
Your face went cold
You said "Can't you see?"
"I can't stand living
This world,
Things 'aint too easy
You were waiting
For me to say
"Our love is forever
I'll go with you anyway
If you jump I'll jump
And I'll love you forever
True all our days,
We'll be together
But it's not that way
I think about us
I smiled,
Your face went Surprised.
I gave you the gun
That I had found
I said you "Baby,
I'm commin' after you
Just do It first
And we'll be together soon"
You smiled of relief
And took the gun
Pointed it to your head
And then the "Bang!"
My baby fell down to the ground
I think It was
The most beautiful sound
I said you
"I hope your last will was for me"
Then I turned around
Went back home
Called the police
And reported him gone

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