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Music Video

Compassion Lyrics

by eLZh


Compassion Song Lyrics

Compassion by eLZh

Well, I just want to thank you
Well, I just want to thank you
Well, I just want to thank you (I want to thank you)
Well, I just wanna

[Verse 1: eLZhi]
Maybe my name don't ring bells
You never knew my mom, but you pray her offspring fails
The only one you picked on outta class that you passed with a D-
If you think it's you then you should rewind this
'Cause as a kid I was mind-screwed
You came off in ways I found rude, with my spine glued
Directly to the back of the chair
And your vernacular just wasn't spectacular where
You were schoolin', in fact, you were there
Ridiculin' some sixth-grader
You left with mental issues he had to fix later
Could you tell he lived where the convicts cater addiction?
Across the street where they beefed out The latest friction
Awoken by the aftermath so we lack sleep (You)
Tryna stay awake in your class as a black sheep
But really, he's a G.O.A.T. and what he wrote on this track keep
People wonderin' what did you smoke
Was it crack? They sold the pack cheap
Those days, with your smug look, and your nose raised
Kinda while I'm goin' through my haircut and clothes phase
You're the reason why I never went to college
And why I skipped periods in high school (Thank you)
Instead, I hopped on my porch, searchin' for the triforce and high rules
Smokin' regs with my nigga Phil, cookin' eggs
Write a rhyme, try to get between some legs
And it begs the question
What you see inside of me that made you angry?
And mad enough to hang me out to dry like a Hanes tee
Medium, what perspective did you see me from?
Young, black kid from the hood, now look what he become
[Chorus: Dudley Perkins]
Well, I just want to thank you
I'd like to thank you, child, yes, yeah
I'd like thank you all
Well, I just want to thank you

[Verse 2: eLZhi]
Everything is divine, a lesson I had to learn
I got love for y'all who made it hard for me to earn
I just pray that karma don't hit you hard when it return
But if it does, whatever it was, don't be concerned
Hope you got something to burn, or someone to talk to
Or some positive books to read, some doors you can walk through
A couch you can sleep on, a place where you can stay
Until you're on your feet and things go your way (Thank you)
Y'all used to say funny things behind my back as if it wouldn't get back
I parted ways with my lack to have some money to stack
And y'all hated on that
Like I ain't rise from the ashes through these flashes
A brilliance that's too bright for your sunglasses (Thank you)
I used to curse your names out until I saw the blessing
Because of y'all I started stressin' and that part was destined
That's all I needed to show me my purpose
A buried treasure, it's always calm beneath the surface (Thank you)

[Outro: Dudley Perkins]
I'd like to thank you, child, yes, yeah
I'd like to thank you all

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