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Music Video

Amnesia Lyrics

by eLZh


Amnesia Song Lyrics

Amnesia by eLZh

Don't forget
You are loved (You are loved)
By someone (By someone)
By someone (By someone)
Don't forget

​eL is that nigga, your favorite artist sees me as a threat (You are loved)
But you can still be drenched in blood, tears, and sweat, then tossed off a jet (By someone)
Who's written hymns that'll electrify your ally when you apply stun guns (By someone)
That still put in work with his sleeves broke and his tie undone
So tell me, how can I forgеt?
I never will and I remind mysеlf if I ever feel less than
Play my cards right to have the best hand
Then left a fingerprint on the coachin'
My footprints on top of fresh sand inside an hourglass, it was perfect timin'
They look for dirt when they dug up my past, but unearth these diamonds
Too pricy for your neck and wristwear
Got the Shady execs in despair
Those who hit the deck can kiss air
From 80,000 feet off the ground
Risin' like cream that turned steamed coffee brown
That's simple math during breakfast with your buttered toast
Thoughts I utter most
Just make the pen mightier than the sword that can gutter ghosts
You don't see
Still, the drippin' blood is gross, they don't cut it close
​eLZhi is the truth, I made the Devil who dwell in Hell lie
He can keep his stale pie
Catch me at the swanky hotel by the water
Where the stewardess took it from a pilot who flied charter
Every line reek of crack, so it's not a sneak attack
When I run these lost souls who never get their sneakers back
It was written on the wall since the days of B Street
Where they got their eyes on your paper like it's a cheat sheet
Drugs, death, and karma; I've seen it with my own two
I wonder will it stay the same when they fly their drones through
'Cause they think they own you
Not me, I was late to unfortunate chain events and got free
I knew one day paparazzi would do the most for clickers
It's funny me makin' moves is the cause of your motion sickness
My brain never hold strays
It stuck me in old ways in a controlled maze
I promise you it need several to stay in bill
When I drop I sink cities that turned peaks into valleys to level the playing field
With seconds on the clock, won't remain in play
Boss, we lit up like Cleo on Set It Off, Tony in Scarface
Or Alonzo on Training Day, choose one
Socks, rolled down ankles and shoes un-
-tied by themselves on the guy who's confused as to why Cruise run
If there is some grief
Smart mouths deserve stab wounds by wisdom teeth
Mad 'cause I'm blowing Chemdog in the tropics
It's aperitive, I change the narrative to switch the topics
What's beef?
I handle what looks fishy with the chopsticks
The defeat in your optics resemble drop kicks
They thought it was over 'til they got sober
My dawgs are multiple shots holder
Masked up like it's October
Once it gets a lot closer if it's not closure
I'm just tryna keep the vibe in the spot kosher
I was told to still sharpen steel should I parry 'em
'Cause if I kill I wouldn't carry 'em to bury 'em
Don't forget
You are loved
By someone
By someone
Don't forget
You are loved
By someone
By someone

I forgot about fear. I don't remember. And I can't recall false realities. Do I even know you? Do you remember me? Don't ever forget

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