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Music Video

The Diary

by Eihshia


The Diary Song Lyrics

The Diary by Eihshia

On this fallen planet I bear with the birth
Of a new kingdom curses are everywhere around me
Smoke is comin', from the ground, poundin' the earth, splittin' apart
I smell the stench of rotten flesh, seekers comin' after me
I live only in dreams of past illusions, I hold my gun
Until my last breath
Long lost hope and wicked plans are my only friends
The throne was build to overcome the lowest actions
For all the centuries that passed away in peace
As human mind regenerate desires
They start to spread their own disease
They came, were gone
Without return, without return
Fear, all whats left in me
Broken bones and dissapearin' bonds
Im just a blur (Im just a blurr)
The last of human kind
The last of human kind
This words will fade
And nothin' will survive
Move! Instincts still workin'
Im turnin' , fire, aim, fire
Bullets on my side
Runnin', dont stop runnin'
Sweat keeps fallin' from my face
Ignorance is the only way
To calm the pain inside, inside!

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