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Edgewater - The Asylum lyrics

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The Asylum by Edgewater

Crying in the still of the night
A yearning for shelter
Silence kissing your wounds
Soothing your pain
Darkness - And what do they know
'bout losing direction,clutch at a straw
Cherish the hope to make it finally
Oooooh (x4)
You long to be see-through
So nobody can tell
Whenever they made you
Bleed your pride away
Now you're driven by a one track mind
Initiating you - Splendid flowers
Blossom from the wounds
The stronger the poison
The sweeter smells the bloom
Don't you try to stand your ground
Cause you're only coming home..
To the heart of fire
You're home- found asylum
In a world where the broken dance
On shards of glass
I've seen fire - ruins and fire - and fire
In a world where the broken dance
With shattered dreams
It's burning inside you this emotional hell
And you keep on smiling upon the icy tiles
A stream on fire to sweep the fears away
Seems like forever
Too long you've had to wait
Plunge in darkness for wicked harmony
Little angel thrown away
Sure'll be back another day
To the heart of fire...
Now see the cornered children
I see them off the beaten track
Embracing and crying
Freezing and dying
Concealed humiliation
Now let them dance
Liberation cruelty free
Dance towards the gallows-tree
Boogeyman was sought and found
Boogeyman has found a home
In the heart of fire
He's found the asylum...

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