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Eden's Crush - MyEarthDream lyrics

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MyEarthDream by Eden's Crush

[I. The Road Ahead]
We, to tell dead straight
We harbour an illusion
Estranged, all got out of hand
There's method in our madness
We crave for greenfield land
Plaintive cries
Our demise
Evil hour
No dim glow just pain
We're leaving behind a stain
We're casting stones in the glass house of our promised land
(Never, Neverland)
[Chorus 1:]
Haunting beauty, second to none
Creator of life, under the sun
[Chorus 2:]
Myearthdream, oasis of light
(The) road ahead, powers unite
Myearthdream, oasis of prime
Karma cleansed, turn on a dime
What if, the twain shall meet again
As in days of old
Blind alley, an aimless walk
We bite the hands that feed us
But who cares when money talks
When time is of the essence here
We learnt to live in abject fear
We take it for granted and claim the moral high ground
And compound
[Chorus 1]
[Chorus 2]
[II. Pristine]
[III. Agent of Change]
Our world restored to former glory
Writing a new story
Before the sands of time running out for us
[IV. The Uninvited Guest]
The green lung bleeds, this path misleads
We came and smiled, grinded the faces of the wild
What goes around will come around
We reap the bitter harvest here
And we threw all caution to the winds
(We're) covering a multitude of sins
Further afield, is our fate sealed?
Agent of change
Where are you, come to rearrange
Return to grace, a newborn place
It is never to late to mend
Fools rush in where angels dare to tread
Truth will out, see to where our hopeless way has lead
[V. The Last Card]
Can you tell me why?
We didn't hear the call
The bigger we are, the harder we fall
Smoke and mirrors rule
An irony of fate
We fight at every turn, destroy what we create
Plaintive cries
Our demise
Evil hour
Human, hopelessly
A long way to learn
Some little crumbs of sense, full steam astern
An enlightened age
Should create a force
To put the world to rights, let nature take it's course
Myearthdream, oasis of light
The road ahead, powers unite
Myearthdream, oasis of prime
Karma cleansed, turn on a dime
The last card to play
Myearthdream, a world in shine
Back to the grand design
[VI. Slumbers]
It is five to noon, and I still wish for the moon
Our restless pace has slowed
We have come to the end of the road
At the crossroads where we are
Hello, this is our last card
Let the slumbers never end
Believe for a moment in time
No more grey and dreary deeds
Just a sliver of light
My earth dream

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