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Floor 104

by Echo Helstrom


Floor 104 Song Lyrics

Floor 104 by Echo Helstrom

You're a diamond in the sky
You're brighter than the sun
Then why can't you survive?

You were taken by surprise
They took you by surprise
On floor 104

I can feel the hatred now

You are in the dreamscape
We're hoping that you're warm
Our love can know no war

I am not a savior
I am just a fool
But I'd eat fire
To keep it from you

Let that be a blanket for your soul

Chorus I:

Stolen life
Kids and wife
Give us time
For yours and mine

Promise me
You'll contact me
I am sick
So please don't go

Run around
Stay out late
Get real drunk
Chasing fate
Miss your train
Call in sick
There's a traffic jam
So please don't go

Below us only pain
Above us only sky
But you're still walking around
In fact you just sent a fax right now.

Before I say goodbye to such a peaceful life
Thank you for showing us the door

Our hearts will always wander on floor 104

Chorus II:

Did you call?
I can feel you fall
Through my hands
With our plans

Could the light stay red?
Could you lose your head?
Could they fire you?
On the 10th?

Raise my hands
To the sky
I can feel
My love die

Please don't go
Please don't go
To work today
To work today

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