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Ebony Ark - We're here now lyrics

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We're here now by Ebony Ark

You don't believe in me
Things never come easy
Only want what I deserve
Nothings for free
Black crows in the sky above
But I'm not finished
Stand up, hit the road, go on
I won't stop here
Doesn't hurt me
Your cold gaze, no more!
The time has come
We're here now
Time to complete what
We have begun
A long way gone
See the end now
Prove to yourself
That they were wrong
You think you know it all
Your scorn wont get me
My life wont fit in your mind
Just let me be
Now my fate belongs to me
Won't follow others
Now I'll decide where to go
I won't be here
They won't find me
Your cold gaze, no more!

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