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Eazy-E - Still a nigga lyrics

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Still a nigga by Eazy-E

("Str8 off tha streetx of Compton dedicated and by most suckas
hated. But I got something I want you mutha f**kas to know I
really dont give a f**k hahaha.")
Niggaz aint sh*t in the 90's I dont trustem and b**ches on my
dick but they aint sh*t so mutha f**kem. Eazy knows whats up cuz
see he really dont give a f**k cuz it dont concern me if dont
pertain to money or a nut. But then again I talk to a few of my
friends 9 times outta 10 bout some endz or some skinz. Cuz Im tha
type of nigga that gotta have it like a rabbit,rappn is my hustle
bustn ho's is a habbit.I stab it like a true no good nigga
should,I do it the way a down OG nigga would. And now Niggaz know
Eric Wright aint no busta,Another platnium cut from tha Compton
Thugsta, My name is "Eazy-E"
"Eazy Mutha f**kn E, A real Nigga, Born and Raised in Mutha f**kn
Compton, This ones dedicated to you busta ass niggaz ,you know
who you are. Smoke a fat ass joint to this b**ch!!!HAHAHAH"
I dont think Im all this or that but Im all me original Gangsta
E-A-Z-Y-E. Down from tha Jump now Im ending with tha bizya,still
rollin in my 6-4 on them thizangs. Do wicked sh*t,cuz sh*t is
wicked on the streetz and from what my eyes see the wickedness
will never cease. b**ches on my dick and ya know Im running yall
so ya just sold your soul to tha mutha f**kn devils son in law.
Wicked as could be Eazy-E got tha flow.LEAVING A SMELL OF DEATH
ON THA ROW FOR SURE(or Show). And a ho cant make me or break me
but she can take me to a motel and work a niggaz smell.Cuz Im
"Yeah,suck on these nutz mutha f**ka's, Get with tha real and
quit faking tha funk. And oh yeah,stay off my dick,haha,really
I let my demons loose when I hit tha 8 juice, and I leave a trail
of stiff's when Im high off of a spliffs.Niggaz talk sh*t so I
talk a lot of sh*t to, Niggaz want diss f**k them and their whole
crew. In fact nigga thank ya for stocking a niggaz bank up yeah
Im living swell but Im gangsta like Dresta,no NOT tha
Doctor,physician,or the MD, Dresta's an OG Doc is a PHONY. Only
the real real can chill with me and tha rest cant f**k with E.
Cuz Im tha OG that'll bring ya down,tha devils son in law KING of
tha underground. Good to go with tha flow that I throw,giving ya
more to let a mutha f**ka know. That I can get wreck on tha set
and make ya slow cuz yeah know I aint a joke Im a mutha f**kn Loc
and my name is "EAZY-E"
"Eazy Mutha f**kn E,but you b**ches can just call me E.A real
nigga from tha CPT. Kickn ass and asking questions later...Oh
yeah,dont get smoked Loc...And Im out.....Mutha f**ka's (echo
Mutha f**ka's)"

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