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Earth Crisis - Takin’ Chances lyrics

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Takin’ Chances by Earth Crisis

Lestley r. pierce & frankie blueI like walkin’ in the park late at nightTryin’ to run my motor downEverybody says I live a dangerous lifeI’ve got to get ahead somehowOut here on the street just tryin’ to get my ownDon’t tell me what you think you knowOoh, most people spend their time at home aloneJust waitin’ for a check that won’t showChorus:Takin’ chancesNo risk, no gainTakin’ chancesI really don’t mind the painTakin’ chancesIf you only knewTakin’ chancesIt’s all for the love of youI don’t like to listen to what people say (uh-huh)Cause once you start you’ll never stopOne advantage to doing things my own wayI’ll always end up on topChorusBridge:I’ve got to do it right, ooh I’ve got toI’ve got to live my life the way I want toI’m high up on a wire, don’t wanna ever come downAnd if I fall I’ve got to flyChorus

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