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Drive By - Stutter lyrics

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Stutter by Drive By

This blinding hallway
c'mon c'mon
the feeling lonely
im off, i'm on
its like my head's full of water
drowning out sound and innocence
this puddle jump had seemed much shorter from the edge
im not sure to what degree
i've found the things i need
taking my spot in line
ill take this days of long grief
if it's someday relieved
it never ends
youre telling me, telling me
everything my future wants from me
ill be up when the fight breaks out, ill be up when the fight's out
you're telling me, you're telling me
of possibilities
ill be up when the fight breaks out
i will be heard
c'mon c'mon
my every word
c'mon c'mon
i wont stay in the water if im just gonna drown in it
its time you know that i will float in anything
the world is staring, i stutter to focus
i bite my lip until the lights go on
as they're staring im starting to focus
ill shut them up with a scream

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