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Dr. Frank - Ask Beth lyrics

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Ask Beth by Dr. Frank

You want to know why because everybody does
But it never seems to work out for us
All anyone ever knows is it's not all roses
And it seems like it never was
You want to know how this could be
But don't look at me
Cause I don't know why I do what I do
When it comes to you
Don't ask me, ask Beth
I'll try to change myself for you cause I adore you
But it's looking like it's too late
And passive-aggressors and sloppy dressers
All build up the pressure you hate
I'd explain it all to you
And I'm trying to
But there's no way I can say
Everything that's wrong in my world today
Don't ask me, ask Beth
Ask Beth
Ask Beth, maybe she can tell you
Why we can never get anything right
Ask Beth if she knows why time just goes by
And we're both crying tonight
Ask Beth
Ask Beth
These are the best years of our lives
And if one of us survives
He or she will refer to how wonderful they were
But for now I just don't know
Yeah, for now I just don't know
Why are we in agony?
Will you please stop asking me
Ask Beth
Ask Beth [x2]

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