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Have you ever? Lyrics

by Dorling


Have you ever? Song Lyrics

Have you ever? by Dorling

Have you ever looked into the past?
Have you ever let yourself go?
Have you ever found a piece of you sitting by the road?

Have you ever seen your body fall?
Have you ever really let go?
Do you ever wonder what it’s like by the window?

Do you ever find you’re wasting time,
Wishing everything could just be fine
And you’d just wish that you’d let it all go?

And have you ever seen your face
When you shudder with disgrace
At the way you refuse to just let yourself go

And you’re falling backwards
And you don’t know what to say
And you don’t know where to look
Because your eyes are open,
But you can’t see a thing
Have you ever been so low?

Have you ever looked into their eyes?
Have you ever told so many lies?
Do you think it’ll help to be lonely?

Have you ever seen what happens when,
You leave and never call again?
Have you ever stopped and looked in through the window?

And you’re tripping downwards
And you can’t think what to do
And your mind is split in two
Because your arms are reaching
But you just can’t grab a thing
Has life ever been so revealing?

Have you ever looked upwards and yelled?
Have you ever felt like you’re being held?
Have you ever said what you mean to say?
Have you ever tried to make it your own way?

When you’re falling backwards
And your mind is split in two
Just do what you always do…………Just do what you always do

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