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Dominium - K.O.B.A. lyrics

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K.O.B.A. by Dominium

Don't speak - just read my lips
It's coming, I can feel it... yes...
My thoughts are far away
Drifting insanity
Let the ritual begin, we call the
People of labour - unite
Let the revolution begin
I command you in the name of Red October
Spread the blood of the bourgeoisie
The five-armed star clouds my mind
I'm beating a march rhythm
Just strict orders
'Za rodzinu'
I'm drawling words in an unknown language
Oh, there he comes!
A little Georgian
Soso, Koba, Josef
I see blood everywhere he goes
'The Man of Steel' - 'The Iron Man'
The yellow-eyed servant first
The master of servants then
Sanctified be thy revolution
With halter and knife
Resolving matters by force
Is the only way
No retreat no surrender
Body by body
'We're learning' you say
But your goals fade away
Heads fall down from scaffolds
Gorged with human vitae
That is the way
Based on the old fashioned mankind compost
Night & Day
Become an execution
We will burn all books
And our love on the funeral pyre
Which stinks like depravity
Whatever party desire
I'm the holy sword
I'm cutting Hydra's heads of capitalism
Feed me!
I can't breathe!
Our legion needs human souls as many as possible
The vision's over
I can see no more

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