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Domain - Headfirst Into Disaster lyrics

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Headfirst Into Disaster by Domain

The first time that I saw you, my world turned upside down,
I couldn't move a muscle, and my heart slammed to the ground
Some fever rushed inside of me, it grabbed me by the balls
Your burning eyes, your everything was tearing down my walls!
The closer that I got to you, the more my hunger burned
And all the red lights, warning me, well, it seemed, I've never learned
I felt your sweat all over me, lord, keep me from the flame
But like a moth I turned to you again -- again -- again!
Rescue me
Set me free
Baby, we're heading for trouble!
Can something so wrong make me feel oh so good?
Headfirst into disaster
I never should, but I knew that I would
Headfirst into disaster
Like a fool
A clown for you
I'm your slave, babe, never let go!
All day and night, your chains so tight, you feed me like a drug
You make me feel so all, alright, babe, everytime we&
Your kisses hot as fever, your body cold as ice
I can't keep me hands from you, I'm burning for your thighs
I don't know where my car has gone or where the money went,
I gotta keep from eating, can someone please pay my rent?
I don't need all this bullshit, like my stereo and stuff
But it's six weeks since I've seen that girl and now it's getting way too ruff!
Rescue me
Set me free
Oh! I'm in deep, deep trouble!
Uh, take it all, baby

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