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Armachristi Ii Lyrics

by Doctor Butcher


Armachristi Ii Song Lyrics

Armachristi Ii by Doctor Butcher

Time's up kids welcome to the end of the world i hope you're prepared for war 'cause it's time to put down your books and put up your fists you search for your peach of mind in this world but what you find will rot away before your very eyes everything you worked for, everything you saved, it all means nothing 'cause it's time to fight it's time to pay the price and the pice is your head you picked the teams and now it's too late to turn back times up welcome to the end of the world your path of fire and hate has sent you to your grave crushed by the hand that gave you life you chose the knife everything you worked for everything you saved it all means nothing with one foot in the grave it's the end it's your time to burn i stared death down by chains you're bound fall to your knees it's the end of the world!

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