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D.o.a - Ordinary people lyrics

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Ordinary people by D.o.a

I don't wanna make you feel uneasy
But I'd really like to spend the night
I know it's not an easy question
And I'm not gonna ask you twice
But the thing we do together in the daytime
Always leaves me feeling oh so high
But something's missing in the morning
Something's missing in the night
We're ordinary people
With ordinary lives
With the change to be so beautiful
We could be beautiful tonight
Well, I'm giving up my lucky numbers
I'll never be a milionaire
There must be something in this spell I'm under
Cause I don't seem to care
And the moon is getting oh so high
Making patterns on the walls
And baby, we could be so much closer
With the coming of the dawn
Baby, how long?
How long has it been?
It feels like we have waited, waited for all of our lives
Waited for tonight
We're ordinary people
Just ordinary people
With ordinary lives

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