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by DNH


Backstabber Song Lyrics

Backstabber by DNH

Verse 1:
I thought we was cool like that
But obviously it seems that I was wrong
When you claimed you had my back
I come to find that it's you all along
Talking about me
Slandering on me
What you think that I would never find out?
See a backstabber don't get away
'cause it all comes back around, so....

How you gonna talk about me
When I was down wit you
What you gon say
Backstabber, backstabber
What's that you be sayin bout me, huh?
Say it to my face
What you gon say
Backstabber, backstabber

Verse 2:
I'm just doin my own thang
Going bout my buisness everyday
But it still don't make no sense
When I'm hearin' all the rumors people say
About what I'm doin'
About how I'm livin'
Stabbing me straight up in the back
And if I get up in their face
I swear they don't say nothing 'bout that, oh...

How am I supposed to go about my life
When I don't know who really be doin me right
I don't need to intervene even though you wont com clean
'cause I'm knowin what you sayin and you gonna talk regardless
So don't tell me that you're down for me

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