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DJ Kayslay - Celebrity Love (Featuring Lala, Tiffany, Steph Lova, Sunny & Chinky Brown Eyes) lyrics

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Celebrity Love (Featuring Lala, Tiffany, Steph Lova, Sunny & Chinky Brown Eyes) by DJ Kayslay

Feat. Chinky Brown Eyes, Lala, Steph Lova, Sunny, Tiffany
{*"Do it again.."*}
{*"Do it again.."*}
[Intro: Sunny]
Whattup baby, it's ya girl Sunny
Hot 97, a.k.a. the Drama Queen, hahaha
Hangin out with the Drama King himself
KaySlay, "Streetsweeper Volume 2"
Lil' somethin for the ladies right now
Noooo drama involved, real sexy
"Celebrity Love" - let's go
[Chorus: Chinky Brown Eyes]
Let's do it in the mornin
Let's do it all through the night
I wanna feel your sweet face
I wanna feel it next to miiiiine
I love it when you, hold me
My body can't refuuuuse
It's the way you make me feel when I'm in love
Let's do it again
Don't wanna ride in your Six tonight
I don't want you to trick tonight
You ain't gotta pop Cris' tonight
I don't care what's on your wrist tonight
I just want you to get me right, hit me right
I always take care of my baby boy
Lay you back on that Laz-E-Boy
You get me wet like the Navy boy, goin crazy boy?
Twist Lala, come through, blaze me boy?
Feel my foreplay all day
Let's role play, I'll be the French maid
Or the stewardess, jeans fit like {?}
Ride and won't move a inch 'til you can't move and shit
Homie, I miss the way that you kiss and hold me
How you put it on me, never leave me lonely
Yeah I want it tonight, I want it all night
I want it from him, I wanna do it again
You know I'm starin in the mirror just thinkin 'bout you
About the, things you say and things that you do
Like when we, on the phone or we, home alone
And ya, touch that spot that always, makes me moan
You got that energy baby Tiffany can't refuse
And I don't know how the hell I can live without ya
You make me happy when you leave little, notes around
And I know you sincere by the way that you sound
Like when I call ya in the mornin and you wake up and ya yawnin
But your baby's on the line, and it sounds like she's been cryin (cryin)
Then you arrive with your arms open wide
Uhh, that's how I know, everything's aight
And I love it when you kissin me, holdin and caressin me
Slowly undressin me and slidin ever so gently
Damn, I'm in love, and I'm head, over heels
For a man, that's a man, and knows how, I should feel - f'real
[Steph Lova]
I'ma be honest y'all, check it
I never been in love before baby this is all new to me
It's - more than the sex, it's the little things you do for me
Like - he makes me laugh when I really wanna cry
And - he even helped a bitch stop gettin high
And - gave me the down payment on my first whip
Then I crashed it a week later; he ain't even trip
I said he like the way I lick my lips, and now he's sprung
And them other chicks is just too, dum-ditty dumb dumb
See, he's my number one fan, and I'm his co-D
We Mickey and Mallory, Beyoncé and Jay-Z
+Crazy in Love+ in the back of the club
With the, Drama King and a couple of thugs
Here's a, toast to us; they wanna get, close to us
From the "windows to the walls," my +Milkshake+ is +Magic+
We gon' +Do it Again+, cause baby gotta have it

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