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Dj Boonie - Overloved lyrics

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Overloved by Dj Boonie

I need to find somebody who can't sleep at night
Without holding me tight
I want someone who see's me all the time in their dreams
And wakes up thinking just of me
Spent time on my own
Spent time being free
Now I just want to be
Over needed
Over wanted
Over missed when I'm away
Over dreamed of
Over cared about
Over everything
I'd give anything to be overloved
I want someone who can't wait
To kiss me again
Even though it's been
A minute since they last did
I want someone who has love songs
And dedicates them to me
Two loving arms
Never out of reach
Been fine all alone
Did fine being free
This time I wanna be
This time a wanna be
Want someone to talk to me
With talk so sweet
Want someone who's there
To share their world with me
Oh baby
I've been too lonely
For too many nights
This time I need
Someone in my life
This time I want
Someone holding me tight
Been under kissed
Under touched
Now I just want to be
I just wanna be overloved
By someone who's over inlove with me
Over Kissed
Over touched

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