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Dive - Overflow lyrics

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Overflow by Dive

Just to get a grip of things
I grew my hands bigger
So they could satisfy
Now they're so huge that all
The things slipS to my hngers
I'II never learn Will I?
What do I love most
Materia or the ghost?
Once I knew
It all seems so tar away
What about the time
Had everything in mind
Is it true that everything
Fades to grey?
I'm a thin and weightless cloud
Trying to move mountains
Swimming against the stream
Got a bag too big to bare
Stuffed with lies 'n
Stupid fears
What if we're stuck down here?
What do I admire
Independence or desire?
For the liar truth
Simply overflows
What if I am right?
What if I am wrong?
One more lie and I Will
Die of an overdose
I'm so fed up With images
That I'm prepared to
Crark the mirror
Just to get the real thIng
..give me something that

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