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Snap Inside

by Ditchwater


Snap Inside Song Lyrics

Snap Inside by Ditchwater

I could not carry your lies
I could not keep them inside me, now they die
No substance to it all
No prayer for the dying, no more I'll end it all
Oh, I hear you cry
Oh, I'll snap inside
Oh, I'll lose my mind
Oh, I'll snap inside
Afraid? No fear? Control
Cut off, alone, I've crawled out of this hole
Suffering from the need
No need for the lies to comfort me
Suffer, suffer from the thought of this
Can it be devoid what you follow?
Your need your need he'll pacify
Contradict conform, so hollow
So hold me up to the burning flame
It'll singe your wings, but I won't fly
Sew pillows over saving hands
Your back to the sun it's on again
The sound of your voice….Drives me insane
I'll snap inside 8x

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