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by Ditchwater


Eremosis Song Lyrics

Eremosis by Ditchwater

Verse 1
You think I'm stupid and I cannot see
But all your lies find their way back to me
Your words stay with me and they'll never leave
You can't comeback cos' now it's too late
Your honesty in question
The sum of my frustration
Integreity means nothing to the likes of you
You used me for a place to hide
From the thoughts that screamed inside your mind
Wanted me to take it all away
I won't lie down for those you desolate
Verse 2
So many choices that you just abused
Your ego's grown there is no room for you
How many times must I turn blind eye
And rebuild bridges that you burned behind
Repeat Pre-Chorus and Chorus
When your friends levae you behind
And your finally forced to see yourself
Tell me what do you see?
That you never been a friend
You used the word just to protect yourself
From what you've got coming
You think that is just a game
And all around you are just stepping stones
Here to get you farther
I think it's time you felt the weight
Of your inactions as it brings you down
Through your hate
Repeat Pre-Chorus and Chorus

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