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Dismember - Suicidal Revelations lyrics

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Suicidal Revelations by Dismember

Shallow mind of a weakened kind
Unavoidably falling behind
Eyes open staring blind
Unshaped never divine
Climbing on others
Scarred psyche leader
To fulfill your plans
Insanity breeder
Wishing you had your life undone
Can't lie to the barrel of a gun
Psychologically fractured
Parasite of first degree
Suicidal revelations
Killing yourself to see
Your mistake of actions will come to find you
Unseen amongst the living
Strangeness still in evidence
Continue grave digging
Egoistic line of vision
Serenity seeking
Redundant by all means
An end to your pathetic preaching
[Lead: Blomqvist]
[Lead: Sahlgren]
Living life through others
By laws of exception
Paranoid schizophrenic searching
Your life has no intention
When your spirit is finally leaving
I've seen your demons except no grieving

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