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Music Video

Put It To Rest Lyrics

by Dillon Cooper


Put It To Rest Song Lyrics

Put It To Rest by Dillon Cooper

Oww, uh huh
Les’ go, uh
[Verse 1]
I’ve been meaning to say this
Why do most intellectual freshman ain’t part of they list
‘Cause I’ve been getting them looks but them niggas still isn’t famous
Bet you before I die that my cover gon’ say ‘The Greatest’
Layin’ low but Cooper ’bout to bump it up a notch
Got a revolution that we shouting through on every block
Yesterday i dreamt about my pops, you know it meant a lot
When he elevated he became my angel counter part
The pussy golden, the cars will never impress me
Twenty-four karat ass, I’ll massage it up in the Bentley
Speaking to life as it’s my destiny, got my homegirl named Destiny, texting me, reminiscing ’bout some distant memories
My Zodiac givin’ be insight, on this life, it’ll make a nigga put it in you windpipe
See best friends turned to used-to be’s
Then they callin’ you talkin’ now ’bout what you changed and what you used to be
My salutations I give them to ’em direct, cuz I exceeded their expectations by comin’ correct
Underestimated we guess, jiggin’ away what’s comin’ and cutting scholars a check with a college roll double F
So I left, chasing dreams and my brain just keep all the playin’
Proud is high and blazin’ it’s probably cuz I’m Jamaican nigga
Rude Boy, and some constructs
Show the young bucks that a nigga flowin’ like some golden nunchucks
From the bottom to the middle I started but I’m already topping these b**ches, niggas getting the picture now
Wishing they hit it now poppin’ so they can stick around
For what takes it to finish, wow yeah they be actin’ different now
Same clowns in a different crowd, face mask
Called ’em to a merly, you just gotta cop a late pass
Brooklyn’s best secret and I’m comin’ for all they ass
Musically inclined so I’m not a a part of they fad
Ridiculous and driven, acronymic, stay R.A.D
Black bike a jagged [?] like Michael with the Ray Bans
Who wanna test me I’m callin’ out for a [proctor?]
Claimin’ they all some rappers but really y’all some impostors boi
I just sh*tted on y’all niggas, swagger jackin’ y’all busses, be lucky to get a picture
Snap snappin’ fall back nigga that’s that, throw my shades on that black, like a real mac
Rap broad yuh, nigga here that real rap
Sit in the back so low key, don’t f**k with dudes that don’t know me
Cuz I had been in some situations, I had to drive my homies
Niggas carin’ about gettin’ bread, they sell the show just get ahead boi
It’s all good ’cause the friendship don’t even matter
My business model winning, don’t give a f**k ’bout the latter
Don’t give a f**k ’bout they chatter, they talking bullsh*t they bantering
Never forget the way niggas bounce homie out in Maryland
Revelations amazing, you gotta take ’em
Live and you learn, how else you gonna learn how to break em’
Mistakin’ friends really they vultures that’s really hatin’
Holdin’ you back, restraining, they jealous ’cause you’re amazin’
Amazing and never changing
I’ll change the game sh*t is blatant
Just cut the checks, tired of waitin’
I’m feeling [copperanged?]
And drive around, switching lanes
Everybody love me like Raymond
Suck on them for a while, but now they gettin’ awakened
And I’m out

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