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Dilba - Ill Catch a Star lyrics

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Ill Catch a Star by Dilba

If the world would go crazy and
play its funny game with me
Your arm would be the one
and only
The only thing to rescue me
In your darkest hour, only you
If a whisper is heard, that's me
In your weakest wish
a small light is seen
I'll catch a star
I'll bring it down baby
I'll bring it down for your baby
I'll be what you need boy
Finally someone has got me
in a place I want to be
I never thought someone so simply
would reach to me so easily
Won't defy it or find
what's there behind it
Oh no, I lay it down to rest, I will
Call on me each time
something strange is on your mind
You know I'm the one
to take it down

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