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Diesel Park West - Vanity lyrics

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Vanity by Diesel Park West

Well we all need shelter somewhere inside
A little misdemeanour perhaps, well alright
Vanity, vanity, vanity
There's not a lot you can do, this is a small town UK
But a face in the mirror looks better that way
Vanity, vanity, vanity
Life can be so gray or do you like it that tame?
Magical, sinful, surgical oh! Happy days
Vanity, vanity, vanity
I heard it said conceit's a disease
Godstars, movie stars, it's all vanity
Vanity, vanity, vanity
Ah, ah! ah! I'm over the worst, I'm sure maybe!
Vanity, vanity, vanity
Oh! I see you've changed your hair again

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