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Die Krupps - Moving Between lyrics

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Moving Between by Die Krupps

Holding pieces of shattered dreamsaccepting nothing for what it seemsclosed minds-narrow visionresults are the same-just total divisionit's not a game taking pleasure in painnothing to win and nothing to gainwake up to the big mistakethose ways of life that make you breakMoving beyond-shedding the hatemoving beyong-wiping the slatemoving beyond-eith goals set highmoving beyond-new ways to applyAbuse this norm-slashing at the soulwreckage results of lost controltaught from childhood-words of broken natureresults of no goodI won't give up-I won't cave inthis is human nature-masterplan before life begangenerations of life rooted deepit's scarred to think what the future will reapMoving beyond...From this fragmentation-this crypted sceneI'm moving beyond-this wicked scheme

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