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DIE! - 7 Plyes lyrics

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7 Plyes by DIE!

It's my obsession since '88
riding the streets with my dear skate
I fell in love with its 7 plyes!
gotta shred! gotta skate!
my childhood gods were the "Bones Brigade"
Jim Phillips graphics under my board
i was twelve years old,I didn't care about pain!
gotta shred! gotta skate!
it's the weekend and I feel the frenzy!
me and my board it's a real friendship!
i don't care if I fall or if I suck
gotta shred! gotta skate!
it's all about fun and f**k your techniques
f**k you,your nollies and your nollie flips
i'm still grindin' over your trendy face!
gotta shred! gotta skate!
cuts and frustration can't stop my fun
I've always known they're a part of the game
eternal practice 'cause I'm just dumb!
gotta shred! gotta skate! GOTTA SKAAAATE!

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