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Diabolic - Entombed lyrics

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Entombed by Diabolic

Make your decision to die
No other choice, you soon will lie
Burnt, charred, excruciating pain
Flesh burned to the bone
By the relentless flames
Beyond recognition
Without a name
Is how they find you
If your body remains
Pile of embers could only be
Incinerated to ashes and cremated
Descend into your tomb
Imminent doom
Burnt, mutilated, crushed
Now you are entombed!
Last chance to decide
One way or another you will die
Declined the thought to fry
Now it's time to fly
Twenty seconds to death
You made up your mind
Your life flashes in front of you
Now you know what to do
Splattered on the ground
It makes a horrible sound
End up a lump of meat
Closed casket, no one will see
There's no way out
Trying to escape
Time is running out
Now you meet your fate

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