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Until Death Do Us Apart Lyrics

by Diablerie


Until Death Do Us Apart Song Lyrics

Until Death Do Us Apart by Diablerie

[a Monologue with Beheaded / Beloved]
Come here where I stand.
Can I take your soft hand?
Silence is golden and silence gives consent.
I lay you on my bed, or can you move even if you're dead?

Still yearning for heaven's grace?
But that's not the place.
It doesn't fit me at all.
But the one that ring a bell.
Must be fires of hell.
Just give up and let yourself fall.

Does death do us apart?
You left so early... In a start.

Did I make you mad.
Don't you look so sad.
I just guaranteed that you would never leave me.

Dear, why you don't speak?
We can't be complete if you don't say that you love me.
If I cut you a second mouth would you scream it out loud?
Oops, I didn't mean to make you bleed.

Sorry if I've been rude.
But you smell so good.
Can't get enough, I must get more
And that is a face.
Why you don't react?
Oh, honey you can't be dead yet.

Earlier you mentioned... Christ!
As you see it had quite a price.
Now you are far away.
It is sad that you had to pay.
I'll be missing you but only suicide solution should do.

Shining blade revels upon the arteries
Blood runs into gutters as I fall asleep.

Does death do us apart?

How could it be?
It always happened to me.
Even though the sight is sickening,
at least you won't leave me.

No way... Not this time... Oh not again.

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