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Astronomicon Lyrics

by Diablerie


Astronomicon Song Lyrics

Astronomicon by Diablerie

In the seas, in earth, in the sky
In the past, the present and future
Up and down, left and right
The warmest blaze and the coldest ice is you

You're my star
Upside down

Show me the way
Lead me astray
Crush my bones and burn my soul
You are the strength in me
So easy as 1,2,3
With mysteries

You are the vicious, you are the delicious
You are my wisdom and you are the way
You are so bright and you are my light
You'll find me even if I'm disguised

The bringer of light - the way outside

For eternity is here and now
Endless with it's billion foes
Look up! For the earth will be slain
But the cosmos shall eternally remain

Believe in yourself, you can't be forsaken
Receive only the facts and support the fall of fake
Unlike wolves wander forever alone
Follow my star you cannot be betrayed

You are of everything
Show me the way
You are my everything
Show me the way
Where nothing is everything

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