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Self Disembowelment Lyrics

by Devourment


Self Disembowelment Song Lyrics

Self Disembowelment by Devourment

Scream inducing pain torments me
From beneath my skin
Torturous jolts like needles
Piercing my intestines
I must release these vile insects
From inside of me
With mighty force I plunge it in to
Eradicate the source of pain

Now the pain has tripled
Yet I begin to feel bliss
Perhaps these insects were
A trick played in my mind
The more pain, the more pleasure
I start to become aroused
Blood drains from my veins
I reach in and pull my guts out
My cock is fully aroused
I wrap my intestines around it
Slowly I begin to jerk
Pleasure unlike I've ever felt
My hand and my pulse move faster
With my free hand I scr*pe out my insides
I know this will cause my demise
But I'll die with cum on my hands

With fiendish delight
I spew a load unlike I've ever seen
But I still breathe and feel and uncanny energy
Proceeding to consume these cum stained guts
Now makes sense to me.
With lustful force I stuff the steaming mess inside my face
The taste of my cum stained guts is as heavenly as when I came

Now I'm full and just came,
There's only one thing to do
I thrust out the knife and slice the sh*t out of myself
Slash my neck, carve out my chest
Then force it into my ass
And to complete this carnage
I slice off my gore soaked dick

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