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Choking On Bile Lyrics

by Devourment


Choking On Bile Song Lyrics

Choking On Bile by Devourment

Creeping through the dark streets
Enter the morgue with a hunger for meat
f**k the newly deceased I need the ones
That have been dead for ten weeks

Tearing and gashing a limbless torso
Voraciously stuffing my face with gray flesh
The next victim of aids
This feast will be held indiscriminately

Moving from corpse to corpse puncturing
Violently, biting, chomping, gnawing on filthy meat
Gore soaked, drooling pus, satisfied but not content
To my delight I find and infant corpse without a head

I begin to feel bile collect in my throat
This liquid filled infant is sure to please me
I thrust my red knife in it's half decayed chest
I'll begin with the heart then devour the rest
Coughing up rancid pieces of meat
Pus drip my hose I start to feel weak
I proceed to vomit this gut-wrenching feast
My insides along with the festering meat
A chunk of intestine lodged in my throat
I slice my own neck as I start to choke my stomach and vessels seep from my neck
Blood pours from my face as I approach death

Blood churning out of my face
And spilling on the floor
The pain intense yet, I still hunger for more
As I fall dying I grab handfuls of tainted meat
I must gorge engorge these putrid steaming
Mounds of flesh

Choking on the flesh of the dead
Insanity is my disease [x5]

I lie dead amongst carnage
But this feast isn't complete
The vermin and maggots
Will consume what's left of me
Rats gnawing, bugs crawling
My dirty flesh is the feast
These insects and rats will reduce me to bones

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