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Devlin - Death Is Our Kingdom lyrics

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Death Is Our Kingdom by Devlin

[Music/Lyric - Marcus Ehlin]
"We watched the sun set for the last time
Blinding us with it's glory
Dead angels fell from grace, departed into nothingness
Life had ended, leaving us empty, waiting for another dawn
Darkness embraced us with new life, and death began to form"
Perished in flames, our souls will rise
Above his dead world, above his creation
We will forever stand eternal, as the dark gods we are
Heavenly god, kneel before us,
Exposing no face, left in disgrace
Death is our kingdom, we welcome thee in
We will rule this earth again, past has come to it's disclosure
Unite us, adore us
We are the only ones for you
Ancient Ones, Elder Ones, make our offering
Burn together with our sleeping souls

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