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Devin The Dude - BREAK-fast lyrics

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BREAK-fast by Devin The Dude

I needed a loaf of bread
Milk and eggs
Store's right around the corner, guess I'll walk instead
Saw a crack head lookin' half dead
Creepin', just got through sleepin' in the trap bed
But 'round here, dope fiends come a dime a dozen
Got near, realized, "Aw sh*t, that's my cousin"
Man, I ain't even know that was you
Here's a couple of dollars
Go get something to eat, holler
He started to follow and calling me
But a car pulled up, jammin' [?]
My homie Z who just robbed the flea market
Got out and shot a nigga, now he's a target
As I get to the store, before I open the door
Weed smoke's in the air as the cold wind blow
I needed the zip, I made a ten feet trip
To the nigga that was smoking one-deep in his whip
"Where it's at, homie?"
He pulled a gat on me
Oh, that's how you gonna act, Tony?
He gave me two grams, maybe closer to three
Then I walked inside for my groceries
And in the corner, bending over by the ice cream
For a pint, kind of nice with some tight jeans
Told her, "Give me some Moo-llennium Crunch"
She said, "Nigga, you can give me two-fifty a month"
I laughed, then I walked to the back
Saw a dude with some food, putting it all in the sack
He said, "Shh"
I said, "sh*t, huh, got nothing to do with that, nigga, you the rat"
I got the cheese, got my eggs and milk
Took it to the counter, paid for it then peeled
You know somebody got killed in that short of a time
Laid out, body bloody with a bottle of wine
People all in the line
Hollerin' and cryin'
But this type of sh*t happen all of the time
I tried to pay it no mind
Walking back to the house
Saw a young brother with some crack in his mouth
Getting his serve on
Pistol in his front pocket with no shirt on
From out of nowhere, somebody snatched his gun
Started busting at him, couldn't do nothing but run
Had to duck, got the f**k up, out of there (I'm out of there)
Bullets flying everywhere right by my ear
I hit the grass, held my bag real tight
But something just didn't feel right
But I made it to the porch finally
Looked back, the coast was clear behind me
I got my key, had to flee inside my crib
I can't believe this is how I live
Can't cry over spilled milk
Busted up a half a dozen of eggs but I forgot to get the bread
Damn, damn, I forgot to get my bread
Gotta go back to the s... motherf**king store to get my bread

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