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I Want You

by Deva Premal


I Want You Song Text

I Want You by Deva Premal

Accept the new, Your picture on my phone I was expecting you
Arrived at the airport, I meet you outside
The girl in the blue dress palm, trees wild
Hazy streets, pale air breeze
Luggage is black and Balboa Sleeves
Crucifix me, Crucifix me. Mr. Lucifer has got nothing against me
Hotel stop! Pull up at the Ramada, light years ahead, she don't wear Prada
Church bells. Ring ah it was her momma
A Sherm to be built it ain't no Honda
I want you dear, I made it clear
I had dreams of us. A trickles glare
Blouse undone, and nibbled ears
Sunset drive, lipstick smeared
I need to tell you, your sexual attention and not to mention uh I'm getting

This is black cat, won't you get ahead. Start a new day let the better
Monatoe fops hitt'em with myscop I'm think we should dash over time with
Because your hands on my hands, your skin on my hands. Your skin that's my
Plans. Follow throught
Hey, Hey, I want you. I want you, I want you the right way
You know I want you but I want you to want me too
I want you to wan me to, just like I want you
I give you all the love, I want in return sweet darlin'
But half of love is all I feel
It's too bad, it's just too sad
You don't want me now
But I'm gonna change your mind
Someway, somehow, oh baby

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