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by Deströyer 666


Andraste Song Lyrics

Andraste by Deströyer 666

Angels of death, they sound their horns
Fertilize with our seed all the earth with warfare

Minerva our blood defend, oh Lua we give in zeal
A sacrifice of enemy steel

Bite the bullet on fifth column snakes
It's either you or them burning at the stake
So what to do? You decide
At the end of the day we're all gonna die
Live with honour or die in shame
Die with honour or live in chains
Andraste, accept our sacrifice
Hysiminai, unleash your fury, unleash hell

Hail the god of war Andraste
Hail Eris
Hail Phobos
Sound the drums of war
Hail the gods of war
Andraste, hear my call
Hysiminai, unleash your fury

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