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Derek Webb - Nobody Loves Me lyrics

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Nobody Loves Me by Derek Webb

I can always tell a liar
And i always know a thief
I know them like my family
Because brother im the chief
Im a dangerous crusader
Because i need to tell the truth
So im turning over tables
Im my own living room
Then i might nail indictments up
On every door in town
Because it's not right or safe to let my conscience down
So i don't care if...
Nobody loves me, nobody loves me
Nobody loves me but you
The truth is never sexy
So it's not an easy sell
You can dress her like the culture
But shell shock em just as well
Because she don't need an apology for being who she is
And she don't need your help making enemies
So i don't care if...
Ill do whatever it takes to squeeze us into this wedding gown
Ill say the words that rattle your nerves
Words like sin and faith alone

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