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Bloodmoon Lyrics

by Dementra


Bloodmoon Song Lyrics

Bloodmoon by Dementra

The sky is red
It's sending out pain
Voices in the sky that
Dare to explain
Creative damage
Will be done soon
Preventing scareglow
We have seen the bloodmoon.
Voiceless, speechless,
Burnt out cr*p
Bloodfilled twines
That block the gap
Retorn till it is seen
Defleshed like it's clean
Region covered, filled
With doom, lost legion
That saw the blood moon.

Effort, discomfort, who cares
Needless worry, damaged layers
Needles fired out in rage
Deadly mist will suffocate.

Stranded, leftover, thrown out
Destorted sounds that move the ground
Bad times arrive a bit too soon
Looks like we will see another blood moon

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