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Del The Funky Homosapien - Wrongplace lyrics

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Wrongplace by Del The Funky Homosapien

I writes rhymes for rehearsal
But first chill
I gotta little story to tell ya
How I almost caught a
Bad one
Add one to the list of 2,000 and 1
Stupid things to do
I had crew when they stepped at a party
Hardly even known I own a Smith & Wesson
But it's resting at home
In a shoe box
They see crews jock
So they wanna step and test the rep I got
I said 'Wait a second,
Check inside my coat for a shank'
They must be imagining that I'm money in the bank
They'll get spanked
Cause I'm not the nigga
I got bigga brothers waiting in the bushes
To mush kids
I talk when I wanna talk
Never silence
Violence erupts when I clown ya
Catch a beat down ya
Cause I never back away from niggas
Even if you gotta pistol
I dare ya pull the trigga
But that's suicide
Either you must die
Or I must
So why bust me
Cause I'm guilty
Of being in the wrong place
At the wrong time
Comin' at ya in the wrong state of mind
I'm now in a hurry
A pow when a flurry
Of bullets come speeding by
I needn't die
I gotta make tracks & take back my words
I eat 'em
Cause everybody knows I didn't beat 'em...
"Being in the wrong place at the wrong time"
I'm out on the town
I don't frown at people
Cause they tend to get offended
And then the heat will
Be on my ass
I got class
Never out of line, cause
I'm standing here without a nine
Pistols I wish will not blast me
TAZ be circlin' corners
Lookin' for Warners
You know the Brothers
Me & you
We didn't do sh*t
But we get hassled
Because we crew & we rollin'
This is my car
It isn't stollen
I hope you catch a slug
Straight in your colon
When ya walkin' the beat
I bet ya gotta sheet hangin' up in ya closet
Phuck this law sh*t
But there is two laws to follow, you know
There is laws of the city
And there's laws of the ghetto
I go to clubs with a smile on my face
Just in case niggas look & wanna whyle in the place
Cause of jealousy
Del is me
Only me
Niggas walkin' in poppin' sh*t
That's who the phonies be
Peep it one night
And you'll see it it's quite clear
Since we all know now
That's why we're
Never in the wrong place @ the wrong time!
Damn, I hate cops!
I need to bust they chops
Always gettin' props for the niggas they pop
I smoke weed
Get weeded
Cause I need it to calm my nerves before a pig get bleeded
I got busted for less than a gram of hash
They wanna cram my ass
In the slammer
That punk po-po
Bringin' back hash from Amsterdam is a no-no
I didn't know they would catch me
Punk mutt fetch me
Stretched me out at Customs
Gotta bust 'em
I can't call it
They found it in my wallet
Now Customs got me
And I just can't stall it
I wish they would leave me alone
Dog lookin' at me like
Feed me a bone
He might bite me
Very likely
They had to strike me with a fine or time
I said fine
Mines was 500 bones
For a gram of hash
My mind was blown
Come back to Michigan
So we can pitch again
Federal offense
Now I better go & convince the judge...

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