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The boy waiting (bonus) Lyrics

by De Jah Dan Dah


The boy waiting (bonus) Song Lyrics

The boy waiting (bonus) by De Jah Dan Dah

I have seen the girl walking
through crowded streets and crying eyes
She holds her breath to keep from talking
And though she stares
she never wonders why

The streets may be home
but the roads don't lead
back to where they came from
And I'm only known,
as a shadowed figure from a time
Where we called across
the pathways of our lives

And the boy sits ever waiting
as the parents sit in for the ride for there life
For the brother slowly wasting
He didn't have to be there but such is this life
He knows only what he knows

And I may be here,
but I'm the shadowed figure of a time
where we cried out for our life

She only keeps it for the memory, of a time,
where she cried out for her life to be always
as it was and what will be, in this life,
we'll all be what we want to be, just be,
just live and breath

I have seen the warrior walking don't I know,
that his battle scars are the cause
of what he does,
He knows it's best to keep from talking
and his eyes are only closed when he
blocks out something he doesn't need to know

Only once have I ever seen him cry

But they taught me well,
the things I should've known
They said all was well
but they only wanted me home
As they sat waiting for me to live and breath

And they taught me how to live and be
Yes they taught me how to live and breath
As we all laid out the pathways of our lives

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