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De Heideroosjes - I Want Nothing! lyrics

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I Want Nothing! by De Heideroosjes

It's enough, this is the limit
All the stress, I can't take it
Today you can get the fuck up
Nobody here can shut me up
You say that I must achieve something
Don't talk crap to me!
Rights, duties, just stop!
Responsibility? I puke on it!
I want nothing, I want completely nothing
I want nothing, I shit on everything that I must do!
I want nothing, I want completely nothing!
I want nothing!
Big fat finger, I'm not even thinking about it!
Even if the world collapses!
Today you can die of the typhus
This bad day isn't going to be messed up
Apathic, muzzy and without a goal
I sit lazy in my nicest chair
I need to do this, I need to do that
But I keep sitting her, on my ass!

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