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De Heideroosjes - Everybody's Nuts (Except You!) lyrics

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Everybody's Nuts (Except You!) by De Heideroosjes

She drinks coffee with her neighbor daily from one til two
If she saw The Bold last night on the TV
But neighbor didn't see it, there was European Cup
So her Karel was with his shawl and cap screaming to his club
Poor Libelle-sloven, that's what she lives for (*1)
Chatter with that Margriet-trollop as everything she has (*2)
And everybody's nuts, except you
Slurping her coffee, in unison, that youth-home should be closed
They're scandal-mondering about the guy of number 13, cause he is a queer!
But her husband Jos is the hero, the hero who cheats on her
He grasps everything that has a hole, but she's blind and too in love
Her right is the kitchen sink, that's what they learned her!
And she knows she can do more, she already tried!
She wants to learn English, but her husband thinks it's too expensive!
If she knows how much it costs, such a big motorcycle in the barn?
He says she mustn't moan, cause she doesn't lack anything!
And that she better went on knitting, for when she became mother!
(*1 Libelle is a magazine for house women)
(*2 Margriet is the same as Libelle)

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